Episode 31

The Wounds of Christ | ACW31


August 5th, 2019

27 mins 4 secs

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I feel that my eating disorder has ruined my body. How is God's glory revealed through MY body, which is so often shameful to me? My brother-in-law has dwarfism, and retains some anger toward God for this. How do I help him? As a new Christian therapist, what are some ways I can include TOB in my practice?

Ask Christopher West is a weekly podcast in which Theology of the Body Institute Director Christopher West and his beloved wife Wendy share their humor and wisdom, answering questions about marriage, relationships, life, and the Catholic faith, all in light of John Paul II’s beautiful teachings on the Theology of the Body.

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This week’s questions:

Q1: I had an eating disorder growing up, and now I weigh about 330lbs, down from nearly 400, and still losing - slowly through a healthy lifestyle. As far as the world is concerned my feminine body is fat and unhealthy and disgusting, a laughingstock. I feel like I ruined the body I was given and no matter how many years I work at it, it's "too late now." When you say, "you don't have a body, you are a body" it sounds horrible, not like a gift. What can I do to see it differently?

Q2: I am a new therapist and I was wondering how a therapist can integrate TOB in a counseling setting?

Q3: How does Theology of the Body deal with permanent physical conditions? I have a brother-in-law who has dwarfisim and struggles to understand God and His plan with his condition.

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Resources mentioned this week:

Embrace - Film on Body Issues

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