Episode 65

Thirsty Hearts | ACW65


March 30th, 2020

41 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

Why do people hoard toilet paper? How do I help my wife deal with my past of pornography addiction? Why is polyamory wrong?

Ask Christopher West is a weekly podcast in which Theology of the Body Institute President Christopher West and his beloved wife Wendy share their humor and wisdom, answering questions about marriage, relationships, life, and the Catholic faith, all in light of John Paul II’s beautiful teachings on the Theology of the Body.

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Q1: Often there are attractive looking women on TV. I know my wife is uncomfortable with my watching them as I used to have a pornography problem. So I turn away and my wife says I am not “healed”. However if I instead continue watching, she gets tense and even says to change the channel. How can I “win”? She has wounds from my precious behavior but blames me for not healing even though I do not indulge anymore.

Q2: Can you talk about the Church's stance on polyamory? I'm pretty sure it's similar to responses to pornography or polygamy in the sense that there is an "other" outside of the relationship, but I'm having trouble articulating specifically why it's wrong according to moral/natural law.

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