Episode 67

Make Peace with the Journey | ACW67


April 13th, 2020

45 mins 26 secs

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Is taking communion spiritually the same as taking communion physically? Can we experience the true communion of persons in Eden here on Earth? As a woman, I struggle with the number of men who watch porn. I feel like I should be more thoughtful about the way I dress as a result. What do you think?

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Q1: I've heard a lot of people talking about making an act of spiritual communion. Does this replace taking physical communion?

Q2: Through JPII's perspective, is Christ saying that if we regain our humility and trust in God, we can, in a sense, go back to Eden and experience that true communion of persons? Maybe i'm romanticising it to be a return to the perfected image of God, instead of the best we can be in our broken image of God after The Fall. I can see how we can't necessarily reside in that perfect communion of persons due to our brokeness, but can we experience it even for a moment in this life? What are your thoughts and experience with this? I don't know if i should hold out hope for this, or clarify my understanding. Thanks! Sending my love!

Q3: It makes me so uncomfortable knowing how many men watch porn that I live in constant fear someone will look at me and objectify me or sexualize me. I dress modestly, though I'm almost paralyzed by fear of a random man looking at me a certain way. I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me and doesn't objectify me, and I'm so comfortable around him and my wonderful Catholic guy friends. I would like to dress femininely and elegantly, but I fear showing the shape of my body. I don't want to hide that I'm female obviously. I don't know what to do. How do I cope with the fear of being sexualized? Thank you for reading! I appreciate all you do and absolutely love TOB!

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