Episode 131

Wandering Eyes | ACW131


July 5th, 2021

32 mins 21 secs

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How do I help a loved one who has been sexually abused? Is it still wrong to have premarital sex if we know we want to be with each other forever? Is it sinful if my eyes are drawn to those parts of the body that reveal fertility?

Ask Christopher West is a weekly podcast in which Theology of the Body Institute President Christopher West and his beloved wife Wendy share their humor and wisdom, answering questions about marriage, relationships, life, and the Catholic faith, all in light of John Paul II’s beautiful teachings on the Theology of the Body.

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Patron Question:
A friend of mine who was abused in her childhood recently told me, “If God would ask me, I would ask to be non-binary, because beeing a woman is too dangerous and I don‘t want to be a man either.” How can I help her? She is already trying to read Theology of the Body for Beginners.

Question 2:
If I have premarital sex with my boyfriend whom I love but we just don’t want to get married yet because of the economy but I love him and we’re sure we both want to be together forever, is it still wrong?

Qestion 3:
Hi Wendy! Hi Christopher! I thank both of you for the blessing you have been in my life. My question is about someone who has already experienced a significant degree of sexual redemption. I would consider myself to be a part of that group, but when I go for a walk, or shopping my eyes are still often drawn to the female body parts that reveal their fertility. I don't really have lustful thoughts after them, and I always try to see the whole person, and thank God for all the beauty he created around me, but the fact remains, that this is what catches my eye, and I partly ascribe that to my sexual past. Should I overcome this? What would be the most dignifying way to look at the women around me?

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