Episode 133

Is He "The One"? | ACW133


July 19th, 2021

34 mins 17 secs

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Everytime I meet a guy, I can't help wondering if he's "the one." What's wrong with me? If a woman takes the pill for health reasons, is it immoral? Can you shed some light on grieving through the lens of Theology of the Boday

Ask Christopher West is a weekly podcast in which Theology of the Body Institute President Christopher West and his beloved wife Wendy share their humor and wisdom, answering questions about marriage, relationships, life, and the Catholic faith, all in light of John Paul II’s beautiful teachings on the Theology of the Body.

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Patron Question:
Dear Christopher and Wendy, I started praying about my future and asking God what he wants for my life. I feel like I’m called to marriage. The thing is, since realising that marriage is my vocation, I’m incapable of seeing members of the other sex primarily as a beautiful human being made in the image of God. When I meet a guy I think, “God, is this him?”
I feel like I should be able to control my thoughts better. What should I do?

Question 2:
Many doctors prescribe the birth control pill to women as a treatment for irregular periods, hormone imbalance, and acne. If a woman takes these pills as prescribed for health reasons, is it a sin? Would it depend whether she is a single woman or a married woman?

Qestion 3:
My grandfather recently passed away and the grieving process has been hard for all of us, especially for my grandmother who has been married to him for over 60 years. I know from the Theology of the Body that death is a rupture between body and soul, but that we have hope in the resurrection of the body. There’s been conversation among the members of the family that visiting the grave doesn’t make sense because he’s not “really there,” he’s in heaven. After listening to you recently I’m thinking it would be proper to mourn his body at the grave because the body is not just a shell that held his soul. Can you shed some light on the proper understanding and response to grieving and feeling our loved one’s presence during this time of unnatural separation in the light of Theology of the Body?

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