Episode 143

God Is Beauty | ACW143


September 27th, 2021

37 mins 2 secs

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Is there such a thing as being a "gay Christian"? What resources do recommend for addressing the issue of homosexuality? Does the age gap matter when it comes to dating?

Ask Christopher West is a weekly podcast in which Theology of the Body Institute President Christopher West and his beloved wife Wendy share their humor and wisdom, answering questions about marriage, relationships, life, and the Catholic faith, all in light of John Paul II’s beautiful teachings on the Theology of the Body.

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Patron Question:
Dear Christopher and Wendy, I've been an avid listener of your exceptional offerings to the body of Christ. God continues to use you in the way I think, believe and trust in Jesus. Thank you! I've come out of a gay identity that defined me for over two decades, which intersected with my marriage. Back in 1995 I confessed to my wife of 7 years that I was unfaithful to her for most of our marriage at that time. My struggle was inward and silent, yet with very destructive and sinful behaviors. After confessing to her I soon began walking the narrow path of healing with the help of Desert Stream/Living Waters. God has done miraculous work in me and my marriage: now 32 years and counting with 4 amazing children. Praise God! I offer this background for context of my question. There is a relatively new movement within the Catholic and Protestant church that offers a place for those struggling with same-sex-attraction to be labeled or identified as "gay Christian celibates." These ones want to follow Jesus and the orthodox teachings on marriage, yet they remain resolute in their belief that they are gay. Can you speak to two things: 1. Is celibacy an avenue to NOT pursue an integrated anthropology rooted in our creation as God's image bearers? What are your thoughts on being a "gay Christian?"

Question 2:
I have listened to your audiobook on OUR BODIES TELL GOD'S STORY, it's really good. Could you please direct me to some of your material or podcasts that address the current worldview on what I think is misguided reality in discussing sexuality and gender identity. With the books out there like TORN or GOD AND THE GAY CHRISTIAN, they don't even come close to describing how or what God designed our sexuality to be. What can you recommend that addresses these issues?

Qestion 3:
Hi Christopher and Wendy. First, thank you for the gift of your podcast and insight, the Lord has used you as a platform to speak truth to me. My question is in relation to dating. I am a 27 year old woman and consider myself devoted to the Catholic faith. I recently met a man at my church who, through talking with him, how he speaks of his faith experience and seeing him at daily mass, is also "on fire" for the faith. He is 39 years old. Given our conversations and friendship which is very solidified in our shared devotion to the Lord, I can tell that he is interested in potentially pursuing something more with me beyond just friendship. I have been praying to God for a holy, Catholic man who challenges me personally and in the faith, which I feel this man has done so far as my friend. My only hesitation is the age difference. I don't know if the Lord is calling me to date this person and I worry that my rumination on the age difference of 12 years is clouding my ability to truly discern what the Lord is trying to speak to me. I my biggest concern is what others think, which I know sounds silly and I am praying that the Lord releases me of this anxiety. Could you offer any insight about dating somebody who is this much older ? Does age difference truly matter in dating if both are bringing each other closer to the Lord? Thank you again.

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