Episode 197

A Secret Request | ACW197


October 17th, 2022

45 mins 5 secs

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What does it mean theologically that men are always fertile while women are only fertile for a fraction of each month? My boyfriend has a past of watching porn. . . it is very hard for me to feel beautiful and confident in front around him because I know that it must have effected his ideas and expectations of what the female body should look like. Any advice? I want to love and cherish my husband and be intimate with him but I am struggling with being able to be aroused. We've been married for eight years and have two young kids with a third on the way. I find I can't separate the frustrations of the day from our intimate time and I'm constantly thinking negative thoughts about his attempts to get me in the mood. I get frustrated with him and myself for not being able to be aroused and half the time we justt give up. Why can't I be aroused by my husband anymore?

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