Episode 259

Spiritual Mothers in Parishes, Beauty Standards & "Not in the Mood"


December 18th, 2023

48 mins 56 secs

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Questions answered this episode:

  • Why are our parishes only run by fathers if the domestic church (the family) is run by fathers and mothers?
  • I’m not “stunning” compared to the standards of beauty that society has. I know I’m “beautifully and wonderfully made” but I understand this only with my mind, not my heart. Do you have any advice?
  • I’ve heard that as married couples, we need to be intimate to show our love even if we’re not in the mood. If my bride is not in the mood, it would seem to me like I’d be forcing my needs unto her. Does the TOB shine a light on this?

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Resources mentioned this week:

-Janis Ian - At Seventeen
-Vatican Document on Collaboration of Men & Women

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