Episode 274

"Attracting Certain Kind of Women", "Marriage or Monastery" & "Man & Woman Stranded on an Island..."


April 1st, 2024

46 mins 7 secs

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Questions answered this episode:

  • As a young man in my mid twenties, I long for a godly woman. However, I’ve questioned my intentions about this yearning and wondered if my ambitions to get in shape, make a good living and develop a closer relationship with God could just be a cover for worshipping an idol of attracting a certain kind of woman. How can I learn to integrate these ambitions with becoming the kind of man God wants me to be.
  • I want to get married but I see many huge challenges in raising a family. I wonder if it would be safer to join a monastery despite my strong desire for marriage. Do you have any advice?
  • If a man and a woman were stranded alone in an island with no foreseeable way of ever leaving or having access to the Sacraments. Could they marry and raise a family?

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