Episode 282

Satisfied with God But Longing for a Husband, Struggle with M*sturbation as a Woman & Protestant Teaching on Contraception | ACW 282


May 27th, 2024

59 mins 3 secs

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Questions answered this episode:

  • I’ve heard it said that maybe the reason one hasn’t met their spouse is because God wants wants you to be content solely with Him. But if I get to a point where I am entirely satisfied by God and only Him, then would I even want a spouse at that point? How do I tell God I love Him above all but that I also want a husband?
  • I’ve struggled with masturbation since I was a little girl. I met a wonderful priest who helped me stop, not because of any particular advice but because of his profound love for me. At some point I moved away and fell into the old habit. I feel discouraged and don’t see a path forward. Do you have any advice?
  • I’m a protestant that recently got engaged. I’m somewhat familiar with the protestant position on contraception. I’ve done more study on the Catholic position and I see a lot of beauty in it. Why is it wrong to separate the pleasurable and procreative aspects of sex within marriage? Can a husband and wife not express their love for each other by giving themselves to the other for the intimacy and pleasure that sex brings?

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